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Boost productivity with spatial search

Save Time

Chonk increases your efficiency by automatically finding blocks in your files based on shape descriptors. This feature helps you save time and effort.

Reduce File Size

Blocks enable smaller file sizes because the underlying geometry is only stored once.

Boost Consistency

Maintain consistency across your projects by easily leveraging the power of geometrical symmetries in your data.

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How is similarity measured between Rhino objects?

The similarity between geometrical objects is measured with the relative distance of points of the geometry to other points in the same geometry. You can set the tolerance of the distance similarity yourself. Points are always equal to each other. Block instances are similar whenever they share the same definition.

Which object types are supported?

Point, Curve, Mesh, Brep, Surface, Hatch and Block.


With which software can I use Chonk?

Currently, you can use Chonk for Rhino 7 for Windows. In the future, we plan to add support for Rhino 8 and Grasshopper3D as well.

How do I download Chonk?

You can download Chonk by using the PackageManager command in Rhino. Search for Chonk and download the package. Upon the first usage, you'll be asked to enter your name, company, and email address. 


How do I upgrade my license to Pro?

Buy your licenses through this page, and we'll activate the licenses.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can fill out this form and we'll make sure your subscription is canceled.


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