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Boost your productivity by automatically creating blocks


Save Time

Our Rhino plugin increases your efficiency by automatically finding blocks in your files based on shape descriptors. This feature helps you save time and effort, so you can focus on other important parts of your design projects.

Reduce File Size

Blocks enable much smaller file sizes because the underlying geometry is only stored once.

Boost Consistency

Maintain consistency across your projects. This ensures that your designs look polished and professional, and helps you avoid the errors that can come from manual work..



Automatically find blocks within your files.

3. You get sent a PDF with the picked chairs 

PlanFinder will send you combined PDF with all floorplans in A3 size. In this file, all chairs which can be used are marked.




PlanFinder will first assign all chairs and rooms in the drawing. Then it maximizes the amount of usable chairs, while maintaining the required distance.

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How does Chonk measure similarity?

Chonk measures similarity by representing the geometries by points, proposing local coordinate systems, and measuring distances in this local coordinate system. When distances are similar to the ones of another (cluster of) geometry, the similarity is assigned.


What kind of geometries are supported?

Points, Lines, Curves, Meshes, breps, hatches and block instances.

Any other questions?

Please contact us.


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