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Boost your productivity by automatically creating blocks



Save Time

Chonks' commands allow you to let the computer do the heavy lifting for you, saving you time.


Reduce File Size

Blocks enable much smaller file sizes because the underlying geometry is only stored once.


Increase Consistency

Created blocks allow you to faster edit your files.



Automatically find blocks within your files.

3. You get sent a PDF with the picked chairs 

PlanFinder will send you combined PDF with all floorplans in A3 size. In this file, all chairs which can be used are marked.




PlanFinder will first assign all chairs and rooms in the drawing. Then it maximizes the amount of usable chairs, while maintaining the required distance.

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What drawings are supported?

Right now, we support .dwg, .dxf, .rvt, .png, and .jpg files. Please note that in all drawings, the furniture should be clearly visible, as well as a scale indication.

How is the minimum distance ensured?

First, PlanFinder assigns the chairs in the drawing. Then, the algorithm can ensure that usable chairs can never be closer to each other than the minimum allowed distance.

What's the pricing?

PlanFinder determines the price according to the gross floor area of the space. NGOs may request free use of the service.

What algorithm are you using?

The algorithm is mainly based on the principles of the "Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise" (DBSCAN) algorithm.

Can you adjust the allowed minimum distance for my drawing?

Yes, PlanFinder can customize this size to your needs.



Any other questions?

Please contact us.

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