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Hey there👋, we are PlanFinder.

Why we are here​

Buildings often get designed from scratch, while this is time-consuming.

At the same time, building plans often look similar, because of regulations, costs, and culture of use.

Can we make use of existing plans, to draw plans in the future more efficiently?

What we do


PlanFinder is a software plugin for existing CAD and BIM software, that enables you to draw apartment plans faster.

The plugin has two functionalities: Fit and Furnish.

With Fit, you can fit existing plans to your input, and filter on your preferences.

With Furnish, you can furnish a plan in seconds.




We are convinced that we should be able to speed up our design processes.

We do this with Machine Learning, a technique that lets a computer learn from existing data (in this case: plans) to generate new ones.

This enables us to suggest floor plans and furniture options within seconds, saving you time along the way.


If you'd like to discuss PlanFinder, please contact us through the channel below.

©PlanFinder is registered in the Netherlands.

KVK (Chamber of Commerce) number: 72330546

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